Request A Video

Request A Video

For a Solo Video, please contact me via email to request:
Video Content That I Self-Shoot: ($250/5minute minimum)
- Solo Masturbation & Anal (Exclusive
- Striptease & Dirty Talk 
- Twerking & Ass Fetish
- Bush Fetish 
- Erotic Self-Massage
- Giantess (Vore, Face, Etc) 
- FemDOM Sissification 
- Pet Play
- Humor
- Eating & Food Play 
- Foot Fetish & Pantyhose Fetish
- JOI (Jerk Off Instructional) 
- FemDom Cuckhold
- Self Spanking 
- Simulated Oral Sex
- Armpit Fetish
- Slave/Master Power Exchange 
- Chastity/Lock & Key
- Age Role Play: Daddy/Baby Girl
- Medical Role Play

Right now I am only accepting SOLO custom videos, but if you are interested in videos with other people, then you will need to contact the other video producer directly and pay their fees.

**I am NOT traveling, so if you order a custom with producers outside of Dallas, TX then your video will be shot at an UNDETERMINED time—Considering this year, I’m sure you understand**

Producers I Frequently Shoot Content With: 
- Constance Cakp (Amarillo & Dallas, TX):
- Fierce Fems (Dallas, TX):
Indica Jane Fetish (Denver,  CO )
- Cali Logan (Newark, NJ):
- Impact Media Productions/Gary Pranzo (Newark, NJ):
- SKW Productions/Sleeperkid (Atlanta, GA): 
- Fetishland Studios/Hannah Perez (Charlotte, NC & Vegas):
- WeBringIt Productions (Sacramento, CA):
- Double Trouble Wrestling (Los Angelos, CA): DT Custom Match Request


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