“Welcome to the Pink Pussycat College of Strip Tease” Part 1: Stripper’s Kit

Welcome to the Pink Pussycat College of Strip Tease”
Part 1: Stripper’s Kit

“So you think you’re ready to learn all the tricks and trades of being a stripper here at the Pink Pussycat College of Strip Tease? We have the finest men sauntering my club at night, and you think you can please them?” Madame Alice Schiller looks you up and down, and you can feel the heat of her eyes looking into you, as she continues, “You’ve brought your $100 tuition, and a filled out admission form, I see. No reason I should turn you away... I’ve shined up hundreds of ladies into my pristine Pink Pussycats, and not even the blemish on you cheek can convince me you’re unworthy of my mentorship...”

Alice Schiller, a woman of distinguished taste and manner, gently grasps your chin between her polished fingertips and moves your face from side to side, examining your every pore. “We accept even the homeliest of women... not to say that you’re completely unfortunate looking... but it looks like you’ve had a rough life.” You can feel your cheeks turning as pink as all the Pussycat walls that now surround your whole life, as you feel yourself giving in to a whole new world that you’ve never experienced. A world of glamour, the art of teasing, and the gumption of powerful men. You can feel the insecurities of your life bubbling to the surface, and as you start to question you decision of being a showgirl, Alice snaps you back.  

“Excuse me, are you listening?” Alice gives you the smallest glace, and you can feel yourself getting exceptionally nervous. “...yee.. yes, yes ma’am. I’m listening. I... I’ve just never stripped before... I...” Alice raises her hand to stop you, and brushes off that you said a thing. She walks to her desk, sits on the edge, and throws down the application and money that you so desperately scrapped together as if it were just her chump change. Her demeanor lightens as she goes from critical to somehow intrigued. Mrs. Schiller can see you’re here to change your life, and it’s time to prove it. Alice sweetly demands with a smile, “It is time for you to strip now.” 

You freeze. You suddenly can feel the hole in the toe of your stockings, and the twist in your garter. Your full sense of insecurity starts to make your heart pound and feel ready to burst. You bite your lip and glance at Mrs. Schiller’s perfect shoes... the gold embroidered feather on the side of her high heel exactly matches the pattern going up the side of her pencil skirt, also matching the gold feather pin shining on her blouse. She was dressed to full perfection, topped with a small fuchsia feather in her beehive hairdo. She was without a single snag in her pantyhose or a hair out of place. Her nails were done in red, to match her lips, and her divine scent was worth just being in her presence. Then there was you... a homily girl, as one would say. 

“I want you to give me a little strip tease. Pretend I am your clientele, and you are here to please me.” Alice stands slowly, sexily running her hand down her pencil skirt, as if to give you a little idea of the attitude you need to muster. She sways her hips as she walks up to you, and around you, gently caressing you with her fingertips along the way. She stops directly in front of you, and unbuttons the top button of your blouse, then pleasantly runs her hands down your shoulders and arms. She pauses at your hips, holding them in her hands, as if she were sizing you up. She pauses just long enough that her perfume wafts heavily into your nose making your nipples start to throb, and your fantasies of beautiful women... and riches... begin to cross your mind. 

Alice notices your hardening nipples peeking through your brazier, and she smiles softly. She straightens the collar of your blouse, smooths the straggling hair behind your ear, then as she turns to sit down, she brushes the tip of her long, red nail against your pointed nipple. You feel goosebumps pulse all over your body, and your little pussycat quivers with your hard nipples. Time for your strip tease performance. You feel nervous, but as you watch Alice’s perfect figure walk away with such a sauntering grace, her exotic sensual energy pulsates intrigue inside you. She places a record on the record player, and smooth jazz strolls right into your ears. The Pink Pussycat College of Strip Tease begins now...

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