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“Welcome to the Pink Pussycat College of Strip Tease” Part 1: Stripper’s Kit

“ Welcome to the Pink Pussycat College of Strip Tease” Part 1: Stripper’s Kit “So you think you’re ready to learn all the tricks and trades of being a stripper here at the Pink Pussycat College of Strip Tease? We have the finest men sauntering my club at night, and you think you can please them?” Madame Alice Schiller looks you up and down, and you can feel the heat of her eyes looking into you, as she continues, “You’ve brought your $100 tuition, and a filled out admission form, I see. No reason I should turn you away... I’ve shined up hundreds of ladies into my pristine Pink Pussycats, and not even the blemish on you cheek can convince me you’re unworthy of my mentorship...” Alice Schiller, a woman of distinguished taste and manner, gently grasps your chin between her polished fingertips and moves your face from side to side, examining your every pore. “We accept even the homeliest of women... not to say that you’re completely unfortunate looking... but it looks like you’ve had a rou

Patreon: LIVE! Saucy Short Stories & More!

  Hello all! Misty Lovelace here! I know what you’re thinking... “Saucy Stories... Polaroids... Calligraphy Letters? Where is this gal about??” Well, have no fear, I’m here to explain!  If any of this interests you, feel free to add my Patreon ! My lowest tier is $5 where I’ll post photos, some behind-the-scene videos, and things to read like this post! I’ll also give you previews of the things that I post in the $10 Saucy Short Stories tier! This $10 tier will be daily written posts that will make you crave more! I’ll include short stories that you can read all in one go, and some stories that will leave you on cliff hangers waiting for the next post as I write the story week-to-week!  The next tier includes all my posts on Patreon plus one mailed Polaroid per month for $25! Then if you’re really into my writing, for $50 per month, you can give me a custom prompt to write a saucy or romantic story just for you!! Plus you get a Polaroid every month! Isn’t that exciting?! Oh, it gets be