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I am a full time model, actor, AND screenwriter! After years of acting. I was asked to write the descriptions for the videos I acted in, and then I was asked to occasionally write down & breakdown scripts. If your production company has gotten to a place where you need to delegate the time-consuming writing work to a professional writer, then I am available! I have a degree in Technical Writing from the University of North Texas, which helps for scripts, and my creative side helps for video descriptions! 

I can make anything sound sexy, so feel free to hire me on a singular basis or long term for video descriptions every month! I can help your workflow tremendously, as well as, boost your production value & sales! An example of my writing can be found below! 

You will need to contact me via email to discuss the exact desired length of your video descriptions, script breakdown, or short story for exact pricing! 

Contact Me Here:

An example of my writing for Cali Logan: 
“Stockings For Sale”
“Stockings For Sale” 10.5mins Cali Logan & Nikki Brookes
Nikki Brookes invites in Mrs.Cali Logan, a vintage stockings sales woman (a very properly dressed one at that). Nikki dangles her casual shoe while being very intrigued at such a glamorous item to buy. Cali opens her case and pulls out the first vintage stocking sample, noting that the packaging may look a little beat up and outdated, but the product is so gorgeous. Nikki immediately handles the delicate, silk thigh-high pantyhose, and examines all the fine details like the reinforced toe and barely-there seam. 

Cali Logan takes off her boot to show Nikki her hidden pantyhose, noting that they are not only beautiful to touch, but they are also beautiful to wear. The black reinforced toe wraps around Cali’s sole and circles her heel with a seam perfectly straight up her calf. Nikki is so impressed that she just can’t help herself by touching the pantyhose, and Cali’s beautiful feet. Cali shows off her feet a little more, and then decides she has the perfect pair of pantyhose for Nikki to try on, they’re extra long for Nikki’s extra sexy legs. 

Nikki puts on her new stockings with a nice pink garter under her purple sundress, and shows off her soft, smooth pantyhose feet to Cali. Cali softly caresses Nikki’s foot, and informs her that vintage stockings have the very best scent. Cali raises Nikki’s pantyhose toes up to her nose and breathes in deep, mesmerizing Cali, and entrancing Nikki into the stocking seduction. Cali slowly kisses Nikki’s feet, asking if she minds, but it looks like Nikki is already really into the pantyhose foot worship. Nikki’s turn. Both ladies deeply breathe in eachother’s entrancing pantyhose scent leading both ladies to kiss, caress, lick, and suck on eachother’s beautiful vintage stockings... It’s a pleasure doing pantyhose business with Cali Logan... 

This clip runs 10.5 minutes long with foot worship, pantyhose & garter, pantyhose domination, foot fetish, soles, sole smelling, toe licking & sucking, and shoe dangle. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan’s Custom Fantasies Store under the “FOOT WORSHIP” Category. 


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